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Unlimited License Benefits


Ever Cool Cool Media

No more buying a bunch of renewal licenses ever again. This is an unlimited license that you can use for personal, commercial, and anything you want.

You won’t need to buy renewal licenses, because there are not limits on the profits that you can make. You can make unlimited  profits on performances, digital sales, audio and video streams, physical sales, etc.

You will be more exclusive! Only few licensors will be able to license these unlimited licensing beats. After all licenses are sold, then that beat won’t be licensed again to any artist for any song, and/or music project.

Only 20% of royalty payments. Usually you pay 50% of royalties, but with this unlimited license so you get to keep 80% of all the royalties collected. This means more money for your pocket.

Limited quantities of licenses available: This will increase the value of your song, because less artists with the same instrumental.

You will get unlimited license on free streams, and monetized streams. No need to spend more money to buy renewal licenses on limited streams.

You will only need 1 license, and you will have unlimited lifetime use, and unlimited profits.
You will receive high quality untagged WAV and MP# files.
You will receive all tracks stems from the instrumental.
You can make unlimited profits from audio streams everywhere. No need to pay for renewal licenses.
You can make unlimited profits from video streams everywhere. No need to pay for renewal licenses.
You can make unlimited profits on all of your performances, shows, concerts, gigs, etc.
Unlimited broadcasting rights on unlimited radio station.

This is one of a kind deal where only a few limited people will have access to have the right to use this instrumental with a full unlimited license. We will only be offering limited quantities of unlimited lifetime licenses. After all the licenses are sold, this instrumental will be marked as SOLD OUT, and NEVER will be available to be licensed again to any artist for any song project!

Because our producers charge a little more upfront, you will be only paying 15% of royalty to Producers. This will allow you to make more money in the long run.
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